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Blackjack is a staple of every casino. The classic game of trying to beat the dealer while getting your cards as close to 21 as possible. Seems simple enough, right?

Blackjack can be a very rewarding game and you can lower the house advantage by following basic strategy. There are a couple of cardinal rules in blackjack and they are important to remember.

#1: Never split 5’s, 10’s or face cards.

Under no circumstances in blackjack should you ever split 5’s or 10’s. Not only will you potentially be wasting a great hand, but you will get some dirty looks at the table. By having a starting hand of ten, you have great potential to double down and earn more profits.

#2: Double on 11

Anytime you show are dealt an 11, it is important to double on this hand. As a player, you must assume you are going to be dealt a face card, and your odds of getting blackjack go up greatly.

#3: Split Pocket Aces

If you are dealt two aces, you are in luck! Be sure to split these pairs every time, as your odds of getting two blackjacks becomes much greater. The goal of a successful split is to earn more profit.

#4: Set your unit size

If you want have the potential to win long-term in blackjack, it is crucial to manage your money. By betting certain amounts of money on each hand, you are able to withstand against any losing streaks. It is acceptable to bet a little more than usual on some hands, but placing large bets will ensure you lose big eventually.

Now that you have the four major rules down that I use to play with, it is important to know different setups of blackjack. Very common blackjack games with their strategy table can be seen below (created by

By following the tables above you can ensure you get the best odds of winning in blackjack. Now that you have a little more background on blackjack, what are you waiting for? Get out there and start playing!

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