Crypto Is Back. Game On.

Jeff Perkins
2 min readApr 19, 2018


Note: Investment advice is my own, and invest at your own risk. Opinions are my own, and I use this advice in my own crypto investing.

Everyone thought Bitcoin and Crypto were doomed. The bears were in full force, everyone thought the bubble had popped. Regulation was dooming, exchanges were panicking, negative news was flooding the airwaves about bitcoin.

2018 is going to be a year for Crypto, and I’m not talking Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is great and all, but it’s time for other coins to make money. While I’m certain that Bitcoin is going to start seeing a bull run here in the next couple of weeks, it still posts a steep price of $8k+. Let me remind novice crypto investors, you will not make significant profits investing in bitcoin and ethereum.

The prices are too high.

Bitcoin has lit the crypto world on fire for sure, but the coined created in 2009 is just the beginning.

In 2018, you are going to see coins and technology that will impact on a larger scale. I’m talking technology that will change logitistics, healthcare, and the future of the economy.

You don’t think cryptocurrency is here to stay?

Fine, don’t make money then.

Rant over though. Here are some of the coins to look out for in 2018.

#1: Simple Token (OST)

Simple token is a platform that allows businesses to create their own tokens with the heavy processes of blockchain development. Simple token is essentially a template that businesses can use for niche and simplified token development. The impact is that OST can pair off of ETH smart contracts, enhancing the power of the technology.

#2: Quantstamp (QSP)

QSP has a great value proposition. Crypto is currently plagued by various coins that people see to be scams (shitcoins). QSP is essentially an auditor tool that is used to check the validity of the project, the team, and the value that the coin provides. In a world where there are a lot of scam coins, QSP presents a great value proposition.

#3: Mercury Protocol (GMT)

Mercury Protocol has two great pieces in place already. They use their platform for a messaging application called Dust. By using blockchain for messaging services, enhanced security and privacy are ever present. In a world where cryptocurrencies are based around hype and speculation, it is important to have powerful people as advisors and backers. Well, GMT is backed by none other than Mark Cuban, which will ensure that the project is a success.

Crypto time is here! Time to get in on the altcoins my friends!




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