• manuel


  • Paul Bratby

    Paul Bratby

    Founder of Global Trading Software a marketplace bringing professional trading indicators, Auto traders & trading strategies to multiple platforms

  • Antonio Simao

    Antonio Simao

  • Sylvester Knox

    Sylvester Knox

    Sylvester Knox is the President & CEO of the Knox Group Investment Advisory Firm | http://SylvesterKnox.org

  • Christopher Sawi

    Christopher Sawi

  • Intelegain


    Intelegain is a leading technology company with a global footprint providing Custom Software Solutions, MS Dynamics 365 services and Azure Cloud Services.

  • Rmparkhi


  • Dennis Thiessen

    Dennis Thiessen

    On a journey. Trying to get through life while having a meaning. Find me on Twitter: @dennis_thiessen

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