I Deleted Facebook and Instagram: Here’s Why

Let me first start off by saying that Facebook and Instagram are a massive waste of time. There are a lot of good things that social media does for businesses, events planning, and showing people what you are up to.

I decided to keep Twitter solely for funny memes and football news. I’m addicted to football season.

For me, Facebook and Instagram were a massive hindrance on my professional and personal growth. While I have kept Instagram for 21st Finance as solely a business tool, I have decided that it was time to permanently delete my personal accounts for the two social media networks.

Deleting Facebook was a very easy decision. I found myself spending more time on there than I really wanted to, and I ended up finding myself looking at random stuff on there that had no positive impact on my life. Jared and I talked about it on the podcast, and the culmination of politically charged debates, unnecessary photos, and overall insight into people’s personal lives (that I didn’t want to know about) was more than enough reason for me to delete my account. When the goal of Facebook is to connect everyone more closely all across the globe, all I was finding was content that was dividing humans more and more.

For real though, who wants to see dumb posts like this?

I deleted Instagram for some different reasons.

The biggest thing for me was that it was creating many negatives for my personal development and pursuit of what I want to achieve the most in this life.

Create a happy life for myself.

Instagram is a great platform for sharing great images and videos, but for many it can create distractions. Instagram was taking away from me putting my wholehearted effort into creating and maintaining meaningful relationships at work, with family, and everyone that is important to me.

I usually only posted photos for my friends birthday’s and special occasions, hoping that a lot of people would like these photos and comment great things about me and my friends.

There was only one issue I had with this.

Why should I be spending time posting an image with my buddies, when I could just call them and keep developing a true personal relationship with them? I think everyone’s goal is to have an impact on someone else’s life, and for me social media wasn’t the way to do it.

Instagram isn’t real life, it is only the highlight of a person’s life. There are numerous stories of relationship issues being caused by Instagram, where people think the amount of photos a couple posts together determines how healthy/good the relationship is. Instagram can create a massive insecurities for people, and I found myself comparing my life to others.

I deleted Instagram to focus on my life, and not compare to other people’s lives and what they may have or not have. Instagram was very bad for my self-confidence, self-esteem, and sense of value as a person.

I have nothing against people that love the application, and there is definitely a great amount of things to see on the platform.

When I found myself peering into things that didn’t matter in the grand scheme of things, and comparing my life to other people’s lives, I knew it was impacting me negatively. Mental Health is a big issue that I hope becomes better for a lot of people, and I could tell it was impacting me.

The whole goal of this website and everything I am wanting to build is simple.

To learn how young people can live a happy life.

Deleting Instagram is one step for me to becoming a happier person, and working on the things that will make me a happier, and hopefully a better overall person. For those of you who finds yourselves comparing your life, looks, and sense of self to other people on social media, take a second to reflect. Don’t let a picture judge your worth and value as a person.

For those of you who follow me, thank you for sticking with me.

I am dedicating my efforts and time to create the best website and podcast for you to listen to.

Instagram was a cancer to my personal development, and it was time for chemotherapy.

Love you guys, have a good week.




I enjoy sports, gambling, finance, and things that affect young people.

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Jeff Perkins

I enjoy sports, gambling, finance, and things that affect young people.