I Got To Interview the CEO of the Largest Sports Marketing Agency in America

Taking The Over is the official podcast of 21st Finance. On “Taking The Over” host Jeff Perkins breaks down the latest in Sports, Business, and the lives of the 21st Finance team each week. In each episode expect to laugh, cry, and be entertained with guests that are exposed to the business and sports worlds abroad. For more information, check them out at 21stFinance.com

On today’s episode, Jeff is joined on the phone David Meltzer. Dave is the CEO and Co-Founder of Sports 1 Marketing LLC. Dave and Jeff talk about football, what inspires Dave, and the many things that it takes to become a successful entrepreneur. Dave teaches Jeff some great lessons on how he can grow his audience, and what to do when he is faced with challenges. After the interview, Jeff, Jared, Gunnar and Derek sit down and talk about many things. They talk about the things that make them mad, the current status of their NFL teams, as well as deciding whose life would they rather have. The boys introduce a new segment where Gunnar creates a jingle based upon any random business that Jeff and Jared decide.

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I enjoy sports, gambling, finance, and things that affect young people.

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