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Note: Always stress caution and proper money management when it comes to cryptocurrency investing. Only invest what you are willing to lose.

There’s no doubt about it. Bitcoin and Ethereum have had a remarkable run in the past 24 months. Cryptocurrency has quickly become one of the biggest technological revolutions of the past decade, and many savvy investors have profited from adopting this technology early. While average investors understand the power and prowess of Bitcoin and Ethereum, there are alternative coins with the potential to change the technology further.

One such coin with the power to change the world is EOS. EOS is considered by many to be a direct competitor to Ethereum. EOS is a blockchain platform for the development of decentralized applications, and in essence has a similar operating platform to Ethereum. The overall goal of the EOS platform is to enhance the powerful technology of smart contracting in cryptocurrency in general. The Bitcoin network, transactions speeds of Litecoin, and the computing power of Ethereum can be positively benefited from the creation of applications using the EOS platform. EOS has the potential to be a simple to use, properly grown platform for users to gain the most benefit from the blockchain economy.

As of this time of writing, EOS is a top ten cryptocurrency, with volumes that are showing the potential of this coin. With a market cap currently at $5+ billion, there is plenty of room to grow for the cryptocurrency. Sitting at a current price of around $5.00, there is plenty of room for the price to grow with further software developments.

Recently, the stock grading service, Weiss, recently released their first ever grades for cryptocurrencies. Weiss uses a system of grading with A’s, B’s, etc to give recommendations on whether to avoid the investment or not. By further researching the growth potential, business prospects, underlying technology, and overall effectiveness of the investment, Weiss is a valid form of investment advice. In their first ever rankings of cryptocurrencies, only two coins were given a B (good) rating. Ethereum and EOS were given these ratings, further enhancing the true potential of smart contracting software and decentralized application construction.

If you are looking for a lower priced coin with room to grow in a sustainable manner, EOS is a coin that gives you the most bang for the buck. Considering that Ethereum rates a market cap significantly higher with similar technology to EOS, there is lots of growth potential for the EOS platform.

When looking at cryptocurrencies that provide great value propositions and technology, EOS is one coin that must be given a deeper look. For more information regarding the coin, be sure to check out their website and social media outlets.




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