Three Simple Ways You Can Start Saving Money Today

Jeff Perkins
2 min readSep 22, 2018


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Everybody wants to have more money in the bank, less debt to pay down, and a better financial well-being. There are thousands of different ways that you can start saving more money, and these three methods have helped me considerably in the journey to financial freedom.

Bring Your Lunch to Work

The amount of money that people spend on lunch during the workweek throughout the year is considerable. If you assume that the average person spends just $7 (it is usually more) every workday for an entire year, they spend nearly $1,750 a year in just lunch. Other research estimates that some people spend up to $2,500 on lunch alone! If you are able to limit your spending for lunch by packing a lunch everyday, you can save a considerable amount of money throughout the year. Consider that packing a lunch versus buying at a fast food chain such as Subway can save you approximately $3 per meal, the savings can grow enormously. Next time you are getting ready for work, think about the savings that will occur from bringing your own lunch.

Avoid ATM’s That Charge Fees

Many times when it comes to pulling money of out ATM’s, you are actually being charged twice. The bank that you use for storing your funds will charge you for an out-of-network ATM fee, but the bank that owns that specific ATM will also charge you as well. Many times you will be paying a premium of nearly 25% if you are only withdrawing twenty dollars! To avoid doing this, use ATM’s that are owned by your bank and withdraw money beforehand if you are traveling and will not be close to those specific ATM’s.

Take Advantage of Technology

In today’s digital and technological age, there are many different applications that can help you towards financial freedom. One great application for young people trying to save money is Acorns. Acorns is an application that makes savings contributions based off of everyday spending. The application rounds up each purchase to the nearest dollar, and invests the change into various different investment vehicles. The best part about this application is that it does all the work for you! So if you are one that struggles at saving money or is a hands-off type of investor, Acorns may be just the right savings application for you.

There are thousands of different methods that you can use for saving money to pay off debt, or save up for a major purchase. By following just a few simple methods on saving money, you can be well on your way to financial freedom also.




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